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A message from the SJSC president.


Our Focus Since 1995 - 

A. To promote, encourage, and improve the standard of soccer at all levels within the community.
B. To provide a forum for discussion of issues relevant to the needs of the game, its participants and fans.
C. To promote public and community awareness of soccer through the dissemination of information and coordinated activities between all soccer organizations.



SJSC contact for more information -

Randy Padgett
Soccer Club President

St. Johns Soccer Club
PO Box 97
St. Johns, MI 48879



The SJSC will be registering the following teams with the Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) for the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 season:




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Heading for U11 players and below is eliminated - New MSYSA Ruli

  • Effective immediately, MSYSA has eliminated heading for players U11 and younger Read more... 

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Dear Community Soccer Partner,

Please allow me the opportunity to tell you about our organization. The St. Johns Soccer Club (SJSC or Club) was formed in 1995 as a 501 (c)(3) Not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Michigan. The SJSC’s initial purpose was to provide an opportunity to play soccer on a more competitive level and bring about the High School program we know today. The Club has evolved over the years and now provides the opportunity to play soccer at a competitive level in the Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) based in East Lansing. Over the years, we have fielded teams from U9 through U19 and have provided St. Johns youth with an opportunity to play and learn the "Beautiful Game". After 20 years of service to the community, the purpose of SJSC has not changed. The purpose of the SJSC is:

 To promote, encourage, and improve the standard of soccer at all levels within the community.
 To provide a forum for discussion of issues relevant to the needs of the game, its participants and fans.
 To promote public and community awareness of soccer through the dissemination of information and coordinated activities between all soccer organizations.

The Club has a proud tradition of developing boys' and girls' soccer skills, and fielding competitive teams that have won many CASL titles throughout the years. Even more importantly, the Club has had a positive impact on the lives of youth throughout the area.

The SJSC is guided by a volunteer board of directors and dedicated parent volunteers that have helped the Club to grow to where it is today. The Club differs from other soccer clubs in that we are a small not-for-profit club that receives no government funds or grant assistance. Our revenue sources at this time are the registration fees paid by families and donations received from generous local individuals.

Over the past 20 years, the Club has developed soccer fields on school property that have gradually been taken away when the school district needed the space. With recent cuts to the school district’s budget impacting facilities, the Club has taken on the increased financial responsibility of maintaining the remaining soccer fields. Up to this point, the Club has passed the maintenance cost on to the players and families participating. With the creation of new competition baseball and softball fields in the Spring of 2015, we lost the remaining fields that we had developed on school property causing the Club to look for space to create new soccer fields for the immediate future and for years to come.

This is an exciting time for the St. Johns Soccer Club. The Club has embraced its mission by providing soccer fields for the area youth. With the generosity of St. Joseph Catholic Parish, the Club has begun a new phase. The Club is developing soccer fields at the corner of County Farm and Townsend Roads on property owned by the Parish. This endeavor, as well as the additional capital and maintenance costs of building new fields, has created an opportunity for the community to get behind our youth soccer program. Since the Club has been required to start from scratch yet again, SJSC has had to make significant capital investment in equipment and materials to develop the new soccer fields.

In order to continue to maintain this rewarding experience for our area youth, SJSC is reaching out directly to area businesses, families and friends and offering the opportunity to be a club sponsor. Please take a moment to review the sponsorship opportunities available for your budget. SJSC's goal is to provide the community with a soccer facility that will bring with it a sense of pride. Please help us raise the necessary funds to operate our Club and accomplish our goals. Attached is a listing of sponsorship opportunities that the Club hopes you will consider.

If you have any questions, they may be sent to sjsctreasurer@yahoo.com. The Club thanks you for your sponsorship in support of our goals. Your willingness to support the youth of our community is what makes St. Johns such a great place to raise a family.


David Rademacher
St. Johns Soccer Club


St. Johns Soccer Club
PO Box 97
St. Johns, MI 48879


The following opportunities are available to sponsors of the St. Johns Soccer Club. All sponsors will be provided with advertising on the club website.

Signs and Banners will be displayed from April 1st through November 1st.

General Sponsorship Opportunity - Individual Signs/Banners distributed throughout the grounds.


18"x24" 2-Sided 1 Season $135.00
    3 Seasons $300.00

24"x36" 1-Sided 1 Season $150.00
    3 Seasons $350.00

24"x36" 2-Sided 1 Season $200.00
    3 Seasons $450.00

24"x48" 2-Sided 1 Season $225.00
    3 Seasons $500.00

Banner applied to back of 7v7 Nets - 2 Nets Available
36"x60" 2-Sided 1 Season   $300.00
    3 Seasons   $700.00

Banner applied to back of 9v9 Nets - 4 Nets Available
36"x72" 2-Sided 1 Season   $400.00
    3 Seasons   $900.00

Banner applied to back of 11v11 Nets - 4 Nets Available
48"x96" 2-Sided 1 Season  $600.00
    3 Seasons $1400.00



The St. Johns Soccer Club is also providing sponsorship opportunities in order to purchase equipment.

The current listing of equipment is as follows:

_____Compact Utility Tractor

_____Wide Area Mower

_____Core Aerator

_____Top Dresser

_____Traveling Sprinklers

_____Water Transfer Pumps

_____Garden Tractor

_____Golf Cart

_____Goal Frames

_____Wheel kits for Goal Frames

_____Shipping Container (Secure Onsite Equipment Storage)


For the safety of the players, fans and the playability of the pitch, the Club is looking to have a 4 foot high chain-link fence along Townsend and County Farm Rds.


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SJSC NEW SOCCER FIELD COMPLEX - Townsend Road Field Mapping View



Hello Current, Past and Future Members of the St. Johns Soccer Club,


We are excited to announce that the St. Johns Soccer Club has started development on a new location for 5 soccer fields in preparation for the fall 2015 season.



As some of you may or may not know, our current location between the St. Johns Middle School and the St. Johns High School has been lost to the bond project as part of the St. Johns Public School development of new competition ball fields, one baseball and one softball.

We are currently utilizing available space from the school which allows us to continue the spring 2015 soccer league games and team practices as a temporary fix, but these locations will also become inaccessible to the Club after June 2015.

As youth soccer continues its steady growth in our area and around the world, we want to extend and continue the impact we have had within the community since the Club began back in 1995.

These events have now led us to the current focus of creating new fields to be playable for the fall 2015 season and beyond. Through a gracious partnership with St. Joseph Catholic Church, the Club has secured a lease agreement for land that is located at 600 East Townsend Road, which is the SE corner of County Farm and Townsend Roads east to Glastonbury Drive.



This location will support up to 5 new fields along with some parking areas, with overflow parking allowed off County Farm Road and Glastonbury Drive. Our plan is to develop two 11v11 fields, two 8v8/9v9 fields, one 6v6/7v7 field and three parking areas. 

The land was previously graded to a one percent rough grade, giving us a jump start on development of the area into a soccer complex. However, our timeline to have playable fields by September 1st, 2015 is aggressive, but achievable with a concerted effort by the Club, members of our community and donations of labor, equipment and materials by those willing to help us achieve our goal.



As part of this announcement, we are seeking volunteers of labor to help with the aggressive project timeline and/or those willing to work in an effort to raise funds, materials or equipment to cover the project requirements of grass seed, fertilizer, irrigation equipment, fencing and parking area establishments.

Work has recently begun on seedbed preparations by spraying the area to remove the current vegetative material and rough tilling the ground prior to power raking to remove rocks and debris. If anyone with equipment capable of tilling large areas (small farm or compact tractors) would like to donate operating time and equipment hours, the Club would cover fuel expenses of such equipment. Our goal is to have the area tilled, power raked, leveled, and seeded by no later than May 29th, 2015.



If you’re interested in volunteering, donating or have other areas of expertise to help the Club see this project through to completion, please use one of the contacts listed below.



Randy Padgett
St. Johns Soccer Club - President

Dave Rademacher
St. Johns Soccer Club - Treasurer


A larger image of the new complex can be found under the document page.


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Field Status
Field #1 - 11v11 #1 - St. Johns OPEN (7/29) 
Field #3 - 9v9 #1 - St. Johns OPEN (7/29) 
Field #5 - 7v7 #1 - St. Johns OPEN (7/29) 
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